Partnership Campaing

29 September 2015
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We are launching a partnership campaign in the field of CNC-routers.


Our hope is to increase the number of our business relationships. We are sure you may know CNC manufacturers and or other companies linked to the field of CNCs routers that are reliable and honest and would be interested in becoming a partner with us. If you have a good contact, please do not hesitate to recommend us, and put us in touch with people who might become partners.  If after our discussions they become an official partner, we will give you a FREE subscription to our site.

So please do not hesitate to recommend us, and also let us know you intend to recommend us.  We need the company to show its interest by sending an email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to mention your name as the person who brought us together. If a partnership is formed with that new firm and you were the first to recommend them, then you will receive your free subscription at

We wish everyone good luck and we look forward to launching this campaign with many new partners.


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