• After paying , am I required to pay more for this files?

    No, you have nothing else to pay
  • Can we download the new models added each month?

    Of course. ALL the models
  • Why dont you sell individual models?

    We find this type of system too hard to support and there are already such systems. We prefer to offer a SERVICE rather than sell PAY PER FILE.
  • How many models can I download?

    You have a possibilty to 3650 downloads  (spread over one year)
  • Do you have a limit of download by day?

    Yes, The limit is 10 downloads by day
  • If for one or two days, I can not go on the site, do I keep the rights to download?

    Unfortunately, no, because our packs to rely with the calendar days. The days  that  you dont log on our website are lost .
  • How many new models do you add to your site annually?

    We guarantee 100 new models yearly, but we have largely surpassed this guarantee. Ex: In 2007 we added over 300 models
  • Why are there certain months where you add more models than other?

    This all depends on the number of new subscriptions; the more new subscriptions we have, the more we are able to produce new models
  • If there is one of your models, we would like modified, it is possible?

    Yes, we can modify our models at a minimum cost.
  • What program do we need to use your product?

    If we are talking about .rlf files, only ARTCAM can open this files. However, .stl files may opened with different program such as: ASPIRE , DESKPROTO,  TYPE3,  RAMS, MILLWIZARD, MESHCAM, MASTERCAM, ENROUTE PRO, CUT 3D etc.. SOON!!!  ARTCLIP PROGRAM     (Artclip we be specialized for .vna files of Vectorclip3d) TO FOLLOW.............
  • Which program do you suggest for .stl files?

    We do not favor any program in particular. We believe all the above mentionned program give excellent results.
  • Do you think you will one day sell .ptn files (Pattern files) for the Carvewright Machine?

    As our system is by Annual subscription, and they sell by 'Pay per files' our positions remains. Hopefully, Carvewright will authorise to sell subscription in .ptn files or they expand their program to accept .stl, To follow........ NEW PRODUCT OF CARVEWRIGHT : The STL Importer is a new feature for the CarveWright Designer software, which allows users to convert 3D STL models into patterns for the use in the CarveWright Designer software.  MORE INFORMATION Now, If you have STL importer of Carvewright, You have a possibilty to produce all model in our website.
  • Do you think you will eventually sell other extension files? Ex: .vna (type3) or Rhino extensions?

    We are keeping our doors opened to sell other files extension. to follow... NOW!!! ALL FILES IS ON VNA TYPE3

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